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Our pricing model is straightforward and transparent. Instead of paying for the development of an interface, you rent a service.

How much does an integration cost?

ChiliDataHub® is a Software as a Service (SaaS)

Like HubSpot, ChiliDataHub® is a SaaS. You pay an onboarding flat rate and afterwards monthly operating costs for the integration. These costs are calculated according to the number of contacts that are managed in your HubSpot CRM and the number of database objects that need to be synchronised unidirectionally or bidirectionally.

The costs include:

The set-up of the ChiliDataHub® into the MS Azure Swiss Cloud

  • Engineering of the individual integration solution for your needs
  • Implementation of the integration solution
  • Ongoing operation and basic support

The costs do not include:

  • Any licence and implementation costs for your third-party systems
  • 24/7 support


The onboarding flat rate of CHF 2'750 excl. VAT can only be guaranteed under the following terms:

  • Only one endpoint per object
  • The endpoint is a REST API with JSON/XML via HTTP

We reserve the right to confirm the onboarding flat rate only after a short assessment with access to the interface.

Calculate your individual costs for your integration solution with the price calculator on the right side.

ChiliDataHub® Pricing


Amount of contacts

How many contacts (people with a valid e-mail address) do you manage in HubSpot?

How many database objects need to be integrated?

Specify the number of objects (contacts, companies, deals, activities) for which data exchange should take place.

1. object (contacts)

2. object (companies)

3. object (deals)

Cost calculation

Contract length 24 months, price excl. VAT

Onboarding flat rate (one-off) in CHF

Total net costs in CHF